Ad of the Day: DieHard Batteries Prove There's Life in Zombie Ads Yet

Y&R Midwest charges up the genre

Left for dead, but not totally out of luck

The scary strong ratings for AMC's The Walking Dead—we'll surely see killer numbers shortly for Sunday night's season-four premiere [UPDATE: Yep]—suggests there's very little zombie fatigue out there among TV viewers. Even zombie-themed commercials, parasitic though they may be, continue to replicate—zombie-like themselves. And luckily, some of them are actually entertaining.

This latest one, from Y&R Midwest and Tool of North America director Tom Routson, for DieHard car batteries, is a great little 70-second ride of comedy and dread. Dead car batteries, let's face it, are an age-old adversary for your typical mobility-challenged zombie evader. And indeed, here a battery sits lifeless at precisely the wrong moment.

The spot is wonderfully staged, paced and shot. But the reason it really sings goes back to the Y&R script, with a curious little story of betrayal and redemption that's neatly seeded between a man and woman fleeing the undead. The relationship takes just seconds to establish, but it gives the ending a kind of joyful energy that not many zombie ads, steeped in carnage, ever manage.

The campaign uses the hashtag #SurviveZombies and includes an offer of 10 percent off DieHard products at a zombie-themed landing page.

Client: Diehard
Spot: "The Getaway"

Agency: Y&R Midwest
CCO: Bill Cimino
CD: Pam Mufson
CD: Jeremy Smallwood
Executive Producer: Brian Smego
Producer: Deja Von Ende

Production Company: Tool
Director: Tom Routson
EPs: Brian Latt, Dustin Callif, Oliver Fuselier, Danielle Peretz
Producer: Cindy Becker

Editorial: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Matthew Wood
Executive Producer: Dan Bryant
Producer: Laurie Adrianopoli

Visual Effects: The Mill Chicago

Original Music and Music Licensing: Beta Petrol 

Sound Design and Mix: Another Country
Sound mixer: Dave Gerbosi

Addtl sound design: Matt Wood

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