Ad of the Day: Charter Will Help You Cook a Live Octopus, Unless You're a Big Softy

Saatchi highlights moments that call for quick browsing

Who needs Shark Week? An octopus steals the show in Charter Communications' latest campaign touting its Spectrum fiber-optic network.

In the most memorable of three new spots from Saatchi & Saatchi N.Y., a young couple, inspired by a Travel Channel cooking segment, venture to Chinatown and bring home a cephalopod. As you might imagine, things don't exactly go according to plan when they try the dish at home. 

"It's funny how seeing a clearer picture can lead you to see the bigger one," the voiceover says, closing with the campaign's overall "Where will it take you?" themeline.

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The visuals are memorable, though a bit unclear in how this is all selling high-speed Internet, since basic Web browsing seems to do the trick. Still, the Octopus spot highlights the urgency that can come about when you need to learn something new without a second to spare. 

Charter poses the same question of "Where will it take you?" in two additional ads that show, respectively, a father and son building an elaborate working volcano for a science fair (what could possibly go wrong?), and a distraught dad who can't get his newborn to stop crying (because we've never seen that scenario before).

Adweek responsive video player used on /video.

Adweek responsive video player used on /video.

Ben Saunders' slick, naturalistic direction gives the humor an unforced, understated feel, and the spots, all charming in their way, help Charter convincingly convey the real-world impact its service can deliver.

The octopus, however, is the campaign's break-out star, and the sight of the beast clinging to the husband's fingers with its tentacles (as he prepares to drop the creature into a pot of boiling water) is genuinely affecting. Guess I'm just a sucker for the sentimental stuff.


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Management Director:  L Parker Barnum
Account Supervisor:  Kathryn Neugold
Assistant Account Executive:  Ted Walker
Chief Creative Officer Jay Benjamin
Executive Creative Directors: Justin Ebert and Anthony DeCarolis       
Associate Creative Director:  Mark Potoka
Copywriter: Ross Wolinsky
Chief Production Officer:  Tanya LeSieur
Director of Content Production:  John Doris
Executive Producer:  Diane Burton
Music Producer:  Christine Hunt

Production Company: Exit Films
Director:  Ben Saunders
Executive Producer:  Katrina Latour
Director of Photography: Ryley Brown

Tribu International /Uruguay
Line Producer: Warren Keuning
Head of Production:  Eduardo Ruggieri

Editing Company: No6
Editor:   Jason Macdonald
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Producer:  Malia Rose

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