The 10 Best Commercials of 2011

The year's most impeccable craft and storytelling in advertising

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Tim Nudd is creative editor at Adweek.

TALKTALK • Homes Within Homes5

Agency: CHI & Partners, London • Director: Adam Berg, Stink
Editing: Trim Editing • Effects: Glassworks

This adorable, exquisitely crafted TalkTalk spot from CHI & Partners in the U.K. told the story of little figurines come to life, isolated in miniature homes across a vast human living room and yearning to be together. A doll, a superhero, an Eskimo family in a snow globe, a cuckoo in a clock, a station master in a train set—they can all see each other, but they can't communicate ... until they get hooked up with TalkTalk's broadband and phone service. Their shared delight at finally, magically connecting is set to the joyous crescendo of "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers, casting a glow upon the brand as a sponsor of enchantment. The agency considered using 3-D animation, but achieved a much richer look with handcrafted characters painstakingly filmed in stop motion. (Each second of animation took a staggering eight hours to shoot.) Few spots this year came anywhere close to the melancholy-turned-heartwarming grandeur of this one, with its brilliantly realized, childlike narrative managing to wrap the coldness of technology in an enduring human warmth.

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