WWE launches first app, jumps into top 10 on iTunes

By Natan Edelsburg Comment

One of the major social TV players, WWE has recently launched their new app. iOS and Android devices will be able to use this second screen TV app that “activates during Monday Night Raw with live polls and content,” according to their release. Less than a week since its launch, WWE is already seeing good results.

The app will incorporate many different features that include social conversations, the ability to purchase merchandise and order tickets to WWE events. The app is powered by Bottle Rocket apps. WWE’s leadership in social TV complements its successful ratings that led USA Network to announce more WWE programming than ever before at their upfront.

The app has already been in the top ten worldwide on iTunes, a placement that every social TV startup dreams of joining. Since WWE has such consistent year-long programming that’s built around real-time buzz, we might see this app slowly start to outperform their actual website. As second screen startups continue to launch, pivot and go after users, one might wonder if the white-labeled, show or network-specific apps will end up being the eventual replacement of the old-school TV guide grid.