With Golden Globes boost, Target tops this week’s social TV commercial chart

By Natan Edelsburg 

Over the past three weeks, AT&T has generated a total of 33,639 tweets about their much-loved “It’s Not Complicated” ads. But this week they have been unseated from the number one spot by Target, with their “The Everyday Collection” ads.


The ads certainly spoke to the right audience during the Golden Globes, and Target aired these commercials seven times during the three hour telecast. This week’s numbers are promising for brands and advertisers as they decide whether to spend on live events.

Here’s Bluefin Labs’ analysis and chart, provided exclusively for Lost Remote. 

  • We measured Tweets about commercials from January 10-16. The infographic displays the brands with the most talked-about commercials during this week.  
  • The top 3 most Tweeted-about brands were Target (8.9K Tweets), AT&T (8.3K), and McDonalds (4.9K)
  • Target edged out AT&T in this week’s chart, thanks to big buzz around their commercials that aired during the Golden Globes on Sunday, Jan 13. Target aired 7 commercials during the 3 hour telecast.
  •  Although AT&T saw a 40% decrease in chatter from last week, viewers are still loving their “It’s Complicated” ads featuring cute kids. AT&T’s top terms for this week reflect the success of these commercials: “kids” appeared in 42% of the comments, “love” appeared in 14%, and “funny” appeared in 12%. 
  • We’ve seen continuing success for insurance companies in social – Geico, State Farm, and Progressive have made our chart for the past 2 weeks. All three of these brands have been airing humorous ads, and a tactic that seems to be sparking conversation in social. 
  • Volkswagon continues to gain momentum, with Tweets about their commercials up 33% from last week. Viewers are still lovingthe commercial featuring a father ineptly trying to teach his son to throw a baseball. This commercial aired 507 times during the week! 

 Source: Bluefin Labs

The Top 10 Social TV Commercials Chart, powered by Bluefin Labs, ranks brands according to how many Tweets their TV commercials received during one week. The “Week-Over-Week % Change” compares the amount of Tweets from the previous week to the current week listed in the chart. The “# of Earned Impressions” refers to the sum of potential impressions made by Tweets about the brand’s commercials: if someone with 100 followers sends 1 Tweet, then it is counted as making 100 potential impressions.