Which Devices and Platforms Drove the Twitter Conversation During the Super Bowl?

By Adam Flomenbaum Comment

We have been breaking down Super Bowl-related social engagement all week, and while we have reported on the number of tweets and even the emotional reactions contained within, it is also worth looking at which devices he tweets originated from.

IBB Consulting, which advises content companies on social, second screen and cross-platform analytics initiatives, analyzed more than 30 million Super Bowl-related Tweets on Sunday to extract device-specific insights. Below, some highlights:

– People engaged most on smartphones with about two-thirds of viewers tweeting via iPhone (46%) or Android (20%) devices. This echoes Tim Cook’s frequent comments about iPhone users being more engaged. It is also interesting, considering Android has higher smartphone market share than Apple in the US.

– Overall, iPhone user engagement on Twitter was highest before and after the game, while Android user engagement peaked during the game. This is important to keep in mind for brands that are optimizing the timing of social-based campaigns for different demographics.

– As iPhone user engagement plummeted post-game, Android engagement remained steady and viewers using the Twitter Web client surged. Overall, iPhone user engagement varied significantly during the 24 hours, while Android stayed relatively flat. This is another example of brands needing to consider when the demographics they want to reach are timed.

– Budweiser’s #BestBuds campaign was most popular among iPhone users (60% of engagement) and iPhone users’ favorite campaign overall.

– Ecuador’s #AllYouNeedIsEcuador campaign was Android users’ and Web user’s favorite campaign overall with 34% and 21% of engagement respectively vs. only 22% on iPhone.

– Twitter for iPad and Twitter for Windows phone each never accounted for more than about 4% of total engagement for any of the most popular campaigns.

– Tweetdeck engagement was highest around #Doritos, which accounted for 3x more volume than any other campaign that TweetDeck viewers engaged in.

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