What Will Happen When Seinfeld Meets Social?

By Jordan Chariton 

SeinfeldThe entertainment and social media industry are buzzing about a potential Seinfeld reunion.

Jerry Seinfeld recently told a radio host that the cast has gotten together  to film a “secret project” featuring Jason Alexander playing George Costanza and Larry David serving behind the scenes.

Whatever the project is, scenes were filmed at the famous coffee shop restaurant that served as the foursome’s favorite hangout, and Seinfeld hinted scenes were shot elsewhere as well, with audiences being able to see the project “very soon.”

For social TV, a short or long form Seinfeld reunion (or commercial) is an exciting prospect in that it is one of the most popular shows in television history that was not on-air during the Facebook or Twitter era.

“I’m so curious and fascinated to see what comes of it,” @SeinfeldToday co-founder Josh Gondelman tells Lost Remote. “I think Jerry Seinfeld has done a great job adapting his sensibility to new technology with his web series, and the Curb Reunion was great too!”

@SeinfeldToday is a Twitter handle started proposing an interesting question: what if Seinfeld were still on the air today? The handle tweets hypothetical Seinfeld plot lines as if the cast were still stirring trouble in the 2010s.

Will a Seinfeld reunion in the social media era generate monumental ratings?

“I think huge ratings like that are harder to come by now,” Gondelman adds. “There’s so much more to watch. It’s hard to imagine more buzz around it than there was for the actual Seinfeld finale, which was pre social media.”

Whether social media conversation translates to bigger ratings is an ongoing debate, but one thing is for sure: a reunion of one of TV’s most beloved shows has the potential for historic levels of social conversation across the major platforms.

To be continued…