Watchup Launches on Apple TV

By Karen Fratti Comment

As of today, Watchup is now available on Apple TV, offering national and local news through their app. There are currently no other news apps available on Apple TV offering as much news content as they are. There are 160 channels and 3,000 videos a day to consume.

Although it’s great to watch the news on mobile devices, there’s something about having the local news on a big screen. Right now they offer content from organizations like Bloomberg, PBS, CNN, CBS Interactive, Financial Times, Fox News, Fusion, Sky News, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. They also offer local news from about 100 TV stations in 80 markets across the U.S.

Watchup founder Adriano Farano told Yahoo Finance on Thursday that he wants to disrupt the way people watch news:

Think about what iTunes or Spotify did for music. Think about what Netflix or Hulu did for the movie industry and film consumption. We’re trying to use that model of an on-demand, personalized experience and apply it to video news.

The Apple TV app is available immediately for fourth generation TVs.