UnReal: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

By Karen Fratti Comment

The second season of UnReal is already off to a good start. Whipclip was watching with fans and caught all of the best moments.

Quinn claims she can shoot ping pong balls out of her vagina.

The racial argument over a confederate flag bikini.

Darius Beck is introduced, meanwhile Beth-Ann is in a confederate flag bikini.

Beth Ann’s confederate flag bikini offended…so she took it off.

Quinn played dirty and Chet missed the boobies.

The next “Ken and Barbie” of Everlasting with the corniest lines.

Tiffany falls to her knees for Darius’s friend.

Tiffany slipped by and turned into “wifey material” for Darius.

Quinn questions Rachel’s capability to deliver for Everlasting.

Darius wanted to keep Ruby … Quinn asks for more white girls.

Rachel’s plan failed and her dreams were crushed.

Rachel meets her new match, Coleman Wasserman.