Trendrr secures patent for data processing methods

By Natan Edelsburg 

Trendrr has made a big announcement today, one that is sure to help their services grow in the long term. The social TV analytics company has announced that “the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company U.S. Patent No. 8,271,429, which protects the data collection and web-based display methods.” Their release goes onto explain that “the patent, entitled ‘System and method for collecting and processing data,’ protects Trendrr’s intuitive, turnkey enterprise technology solution, which solves the problem of processing, understanding and leveraging social data around television.” We spoke with CEO Mark Ghuneim about what this means for his company and about the unique ways they tracked the debates by looking at attribution by network.

Ghuneim described to Lost Remote how the main purpose of this patent is “to secure IP around some of the data processing they do.” A big way they’ve been differentiating themselves among competitors recently has to do with the way they’ve been tracking the debates. For the debate, Trendrr smartly communicated data that showed which network should be attributed with the most social TV success even if it’s a smaller but more accurate number. For both debates, CNN was the #1 leader according to Trendrr showing that their social TV strategy paid off.

Lost Remote: What patents does Trendrr have? Why did you file for them? What do they help you do?
Mark Ghuneim: This is a patent we filed back in 2006 – (The social web was primarily and flickr), We have both made open source certain technology we create, and patent other innovation that comes out of Wiredset/Trendrr. This is a broad level patent that helps us secure IP around some of the data processing we do.

LR: How might these help Trendrr pull ahead in the market?
Ghuneim: We pull ahead in the market by focusing on client needs, innovative technology and refining our methodologies, a well defined set of Intellectual Property benefits any company. We are not patent trolls.

LR: How did each of your service strack the debate? 
GhuneimBy atributing conversation by network – tying measurement to talent, unique hashtags, conversation and network programing differentiators. Putting out one big number around the debate is not qualified and our goal is attribution, sometimes this will mean a smaller but more accurate number.

This is part of a series of new methodologies geared to sharper isights and more actionable intelligence, keeping pace with viewers marketplace behavior.