Top social TV moments from another record-setting Oscars

By Cory Bergman 

It goes without saying these days that another big live event has set another social TV record. Last night’s Oscars was no exception, attracting 13.2 million social interactions, up 197% from last year’s event, according to data from Trendrr. This makes it the third most social TV event on the year, behind the Super Bowl (52 million) and the Grammys (17 million). According to early Nielsen numbers, the show scored a 19% increase over year’s Academy Awards ratings.

Twitter measured 8.9 million tweets during the broadcast — 2.1 million during the red carpet — and it broke down the top moments by tweets per minute:

1. Best Picture award for Argo: 85,300 TPM
2. Adele performs “Skyfall”: 82,300 TPM
3. Best Actress in a Leading Role for Jennifer Lawrence: 71,600 TPM
4. Best Original Song for Adele: 64,000 TPM
5. Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Anne Hathaway: 60,400 TPM

And Trendrr’s most buzzed-about celebs for the night:

1. Adele: 950,586
2. Jennifer Lawrence: 775,580
3. Ann Hathaway: 489,779

A majority (56.9%) of the social interaction for the night originated from mobile phones, according to Trendrr. Here’s how the devices break down:

1. iPhone: 55%
2. Android: 23%
3. Blackberry: 12%
4. iPad: 8%

That’s right, Blackberry actually surpassed the iPad, which I find a little surprising. But it’s a further remind that phones — not tablets — are the social TV weapon of choice.