TiVo And NBC Partner for 2016 Olympics

By Karen Fratti Comment

rioTiVo Research and Reality Mine have partnered with NBC Universal to provide analysis and measurement of the 2016 Rio Olympics audience. For the entire games, which will air Aug. 5 2016 to Aug. 21 2016, TiVo Research will measure how, where, and when people are watching across multiple platforms.

The Olympics are a perfect time to gather audience data and the partnership with TiVo will provide insights about effectiveness of advertising on the NBC Olympic platforms, the impact of social media, how much viewers are watching on mobile devices, and if they are engaged enough to check in with the games when they aren’t in their living rooms. Alan Wurtzel, president of NBCUniversal Research, said in a statement that:

The Olympics offer us a unique opportunity to test innovative research methods and technologies. What makes the Olympics such a notable research environment is the enormous amount of consumer activity on multiple platforms for a nearly three-week span, enhancing our ability to measure behavior and detect trends across time.

Consumers will opt-in to the study via TiVo’s set-top box and RealityMine will provide cross-platform analysis. According to Rolfe Swinton, RealityMine CRO, the summer Olympics are a perfect time to gather insights about consumer viewing habits across devices saying that, “the insights we gain here into the application of methodologies for measurement will in many ways set the course for consumer media behavior analysis moving forward.”

The summer games, even though they’re in that late summer dead season are guaranteed to draw viewers in. What else is there to watch on summer vacation?