'The X Factor' premiers with social TV buzz and improved app

By Natan Edelsburg Comment

The X Factor on Fox started its second season with a big social TV splash last week. According to Bluefin Labs, the show had seven times more social TV buzz than The Voice premiere had last Monday. Anticipation has been wild for the new season ever since Britney Spears and Demo Lovato were announced as new judges. The show has also launched some exciting new features for their app that premiered last season.

X Factor launched the season with a Twitter #Hashtag war, a great way to build buzz in time for the premiere. After premiere night they had earned 1.4 million comments a 624% growth from the previous season’s premiere, according to Bluefin. The infographic below highlights the different peaks of chatter.

The Xtra Factor App” presented by Verizon Wireless also has some exciting new, brand supported, social TV features:

  • Pepsi Fan Base: An aggregate of social media feeds from multiple sources including the judges, contestants and fans.
  • Rewards: Fans can accrue points for engaging with the various features of the app and ultimately redeem them for show-related merchandise and Verizon devices.
  • Favorites: Fans can create an entire section within the App filled with their selected favorite videos, photos, articles and more.
  • Users can select from multiple camera angles via the live backstage streams from the show.
  • Verizon Fantasy Challenge, a new addition to The Xtra FactorTM App for Season 2, that allows users to predict who they believe will continue on in the competition from week-to-week. All users will have the chance to accrue points to redeem for prizes and check their status on a leaderboard alongside other players in the game.