The most social TV commercial of the week goes to…

By Natan Edelsburg 

We’re excited to announce a new editorial partnership with Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company we’ve watched grow and thrive over the past year. Each week Bluefin will be sharing their “top 10 social commercials” analysis exclusively with Lost Remote. The future of social TV is dependent upon the economics that have helped the TV industry thrive for over sixty years. As social platforms change the way brands can interact with potential customers through TV, so do their commercials. Here’s our first look at the most social commercials. The leader on this week’s list is Old Navy. The list measures tweets about commercials from September 27th through October 3rd and the infographic displays the top ten brands with the most talked-about TV ads during the week.

We began our analysis of the most social TV brands when Bluefin shared their findings on the first half of 2012 at the beginning of September. The Boston-based company launched “Signals Brand Edition” back in April providing an opportunity for their customers to understand what kind of reaction their commercials were receiving on the social web. Each week, we’ll dig into, which brands had the most talked about TV ads, which had the least and why.

Here’s an analysis from Bluefin on why Old Navy was in the lead and why Samsung such a large decline:

  • The top 3 most talked-about brands were Old Navy (11.6K tweets), the movie ParanormalActivity 4 (5.4K tweets), and Samsung (4.1K tweets)  
  • Of those 3 brands, only Paranormal Activity 4 (upcoming release Oct 19) saw a positive week-over-week change (around 21K%) – but that lift in conversation is because they hadn’t been running commercials before Sept 27. 
  • During this week, Old Navy ran 2 musically-themed creatives: One featuring the Backstreet Boys (323 airings), and one featuring Justin Guarini, the first runner-up on the debut season of American Idol (72 airings). 71% of the tweets about these two commercials referenced the Backstreet Boys in some way. As we’ve seen in the past with commercials, celebrity musicians can activate social audiences.
  • Samsung saw a 81% drop in social conversation from the previous week. They had fewer ad airings from Sept 27-Oct 3 (768 airings) than Sept 20-26 (905 airings), and continued to run versions of the Galaxy S III commercial that makes fun of the iPhone. This drop in conversation from week to week may be a result of “ad-wear” –  when an ad has been on TV for so long that audiences get tired of it, and stop talking about it.
Here’s an example of a tweet about Old Navy, Paranormal Activity 4 and Samsung.