The four must-download apps for this year’s NCAA March Madness

By Natan Edelsburg 

On Lost Remote, we have continued to document the way that sports dominates the social TV space. Whereas more and more people watch scripted television on their own time, there is still no good alternative for live sporting events. This results in highly concentrated and powerful social activity. By definition, sports is a social activity, and it is no surprise that a recent KT Tape report shows that 83% of sports fans check social media during games. The second screen’s role in sports becomes obvious.

Besides the Super Bowl, the next biggest event for die-hards and non-fans alike is March Madness. Even the non-fan is likely invested in an office pool. Last year, according to an ExactTarget infographicMarch Madness drove two million tweets. This number is likely to get trumped this year.

To help follow this year’s tournament, which begins Tuesday, here is a roundup of four must-download second screen apps for the tournament:

1) SportStream provides customized game time streams of the best and most relevant Twitter, Facebook and news content – plus stats and play-by-plays. SportStream will deliver content from all 64 teams to fans.

2) Simple Bracket cleanly displays a user’s bracket and shows friends’ brackets, awarding points to those with the best predictions – and those with the worst upsets

3) NCAA March Madness Live is the official tournament app and will soon be available. This year, television subscribers will be able to stream games for free.
4) Thuuz alerts fans to an exciting game, ensuring tournament followers don’t miss any nail-biters or potentially classic finishes.