Study: Active Tweeting Leads to Higher Ad Recall for Viewers

By Karen Fratti Comment

Starcom and Canvs partnered up for a study that found tracking viewer sentiment doesn’t just help when you’re trying to figure out how to drive tune-in. It turns out, those ads are actually working.

Their findings reveal that knowing which programs are making fans feel all the feels are better buys all around—despite the network or time of day. If viewers are tweeting, they’re retaining information. And you thought multi-tasking was bad for attention spans.

Here are some of their key findings:

  • During TV programs that drive emotional responses, viewers are 48 percent more likely to recall an ad on Twitter.
  • People who used Twitter while watching a TV program—whether actively tweeting or just following along—were 62 percent more likely to recall the brands which advertised during the program over people who were not on Twitter.
  • Emotionally invested viewers were three times more likely to recall advertisers than people who tweet with more neutral messages. Further, 61 percent of this emotionally reactive group said they were likely to purchase from that brand now or in the future.

TV Infographic-03