Streaming Nemo: The Weather Channel makes coverage available across all platforms

By Natan Edelsburg 

After perhaps only the Super Bowl, nothing drives more social conversation than inclement weather. The Weather Channel has been at the forefront of weather coverage for 30 years, and has been a digital powerhouse since its inception. In May, I interviewed Mike Finnerty, vice president of and web products for The Weather Channel Companies and he shared the company’s staggering numbers:  60 million unique monthly visitors, the #2 all-time downloaded iPad app, the #5 all-time downloaded iPhone app and a massive social reach that includes a unique partnership with Twitter to curate real-time conversations around the weather.

In case people don’t have access to The Weather Channel, will be streaming coverage live online and on mobile devices. On a lighter note, you can supplement this coverage with BuzzFeed’s list of texts from worried parents.

We hope everyone stays safe this weekend, and here’s the latest on Nemo and how you can keep up to speed on the storm:

Forecast: Winter Storm Nemo will produce widespread blizzard conditions throughout the Northeast, possibly impacting more than 30 million people. Areas include Boston (at the highest STORM:CON level of 10 on TWC’s winter impact index), Portland (STORM:CON of 9) and New York City (STORM:CON of 7). Severe weather is expected to impact 30 million people. Keep up with the latest forecast and news  

Live stream on digital: Online, and is live streaming The Weather Channel on-air coverage throughout the storm. The live stream began Thursday evening, and a direct link is here: The live stream is also available on iPhone and iPad.

Online: Additional updates, storm tracking, news and videos are available on the Winter Storm Central page at 

Mobile: In addition to the live stream available on iPhone and iPad to give the latest information via mobile devices, users can also get Nemo news and video on from mobile browsers.

TV: The Weather Channel continues expert coverage in the field, with multiple live crews in areas around the Northeast (Boston and around MA, CT, NYC, etc) to bring viewers the latest on this potentially historic blizzard.