Stevie raises additional $1.5M in funding and expands to iPhone

By Natan Edelsburg 

Investors continue to place their bets on social TV.In October we wrote about Stevie, the social TV platform that brings your social graph to the main screen. The Israel-based company has just announced a new round of funding and the expansion of their platform to the iPhone. Here are the details.

Stevie takes your social graph and provides “customized channels and creates the first social TV that knows who the viewer is and exactly what content they are interested in.” Today, they announced that they closed, a “$1.5 million Series A funding round from Horizons Ventures bringing its total funding raised to $2.1 million.” They’re also announcing that there platform will be available for iPhone (they’re already on iPad, web and Windows 8).

Think Flipboard meets TV. While Flipboard has brought your social content into an easily swipe-able iPad and tablet environment, there hasn’t been a great way to bring your social content to TV. While smart TVs, and the cable providers often have Twitter and Facebook widgets – there isn’t yet a channel to turn to watch the content you’ve already programmed for yourself from the constant clicking and tapping you do all day. That’s where Stevie comes in.