Social TV Fans ‘Love’ Season 2 Premiere of Showtime’s ‘Masters of Sex’

By Adam Flomenbaum 

The second season of Showtime’s critically-acclaimed “Masters of Sex” premiered this week and although the social audience was on the smaller side, they were highly engaged and extremely excited for the show’s return. According to our analytics partner, Canvs, which measures Twitter sentiment for shows, the most reacted-to moment of Episode 1 was viewers calling Bill a “jerk” when he ignored his crying baby and yelled at his mother. Still, most of the conversation surrounding the season premiere was about the return itself. Of the tweets that featured an emotional reaction, 38% used the word “love,” 23% used the word “excited,” and 12% used the word “good.”

Here are some other insights from Canvs followed by an infographic:

– Excitement spiked for the Twitter audience right at 10:00 when the show started.
– People thought Bill was a “jerk” when he ignored his screaming baby and then yelled at his mother.
– We compared the season one finale of Masters of Sex to the season two premiere using the new compare feature in Canvs. You can see a comparison of the top emotions in the graphic, but here are some other findings:
– Crazy reactions appeared in the premiere, but not the finale. This was driven primarily by people commenting on Barton’s electroshock story line.
– Sad appeared in the finale, but not the premiere. This was driven by people expressing their sadness that the series was ending.
– Teddy Sears, who plays Dr. Langham, (@teddysears) was the most mentioned actor during the premiere. It’ll be interesting to see if the rest of the cast gets more involved in live-tweeting the rest of the season.