Sidecastr update allows synched conversations with Facebook friends even when you can’t watch together

By Natan Edelsburg 

Sidecastr has continued to grow in popularity by focusing heavily on curation for the second screen (available to download for iPad here). The Boston-based startup recently launched the ability to synch conversations with Facebook friends, even if you’re not watching shows at the same time. Here are the details.

Sidecastr’s new release brings to light one of the most important issues facing social TV – time shifting. It’s still impossible to go on social if you’re behind on one of your favorite, buzz worthy shows. Sidecastr is trying to solve this on their platform by  having “conversations with friends captured against the timeline of a show, even when you can’t all watch at the same time”. Here’s a recap of their major features:

  • experience a moment by moment replay of the best of the live social TV content stream, even when you’re watching later
  • avoid spoilers caused by time-zone or time-shifted viewing – audio sync reveals comments up to but not beyond your viewing timeframe
  • comment, reply, vote on and replay content from previously covered shows – indefinitely
  • tightly integrated with Twitter for use by social TV’s ‘power tweeters’
  • intelligent Twitter stream selection for first run episodes filters in the most entertaining tweets
  • organized into easy-to-follow threaded comment/reply conversations
  • comments are assigned to categories, allowing you to customize your view by topic