Shazam scores $40 million and brings on new Chief Product Officer as foray into TV continues

By Natan Edelsburg 

Shazam continues to grow beyond music and into TV. Earlier this month they received a new $40 million investment from Carlos Slim‘s company America Movil (the largest telecom in Latin America). Shazam also recently brought on a new Chief Product Officer, Daniel Danker who we recently met with. Here are the details.

According to his LinkedIn Danker, will be “responsible for the company’s product strategy, direction, and consumer experience, including expanding the role Shazam plays in music and growing new businesses like Shazam for television” and will be “leading Shazam to achieve a vision of helping people recognize and engage with the world around them.” We discussed how Shazam will continue to improve their social TV DNA and Danker stressed very clearly that they will be thinking about what the means carefully and not just copying others. He also mentioned the potential their platform has to predict content that will reach mainstream since they have so many users. Here’s some more info on Danker’s expertise in TV:

Daniel joined Shazam from the BBC, where he was the General Manager of BBC iPlayer and was responsible for making it ubiquitous. Daniel also launched iPlayer Radio to reinvent the BBC’s online radio and music experience, created a seamless journey from broadcast to connected television through the Connected Red Button, and delivered the media experience for the London 2012 Olympics.

It’s going to be a very big year for Shazam as they not only try to take on more advertisers but to show how they can define social TV better than anyone else.