Samsung to Integrate Giraffic Into Next Line of Smart TVs

By Karen Fratti 

Samsung televisions get more and more hardcore. Yesterday, they announced that they will incorporate Giraffic into their line of 2015 smart televisions. Giraffic is adaptive video acceleration (AVA) technology. It smooths the experience of streaming with real time analytics and “controls the pipeline” with HTTP acceleration.

If you already know what means, you get a cookie. If you don’t, it’s just that streaming from the Internet on your Samsung TV will be more seamless, faster, prettier, and, most importantly, with less buffering. So Hulu, Netflix, and all other apps you watch will just work better. Not bad.

Yoel Zanger, CEO and founder of Giraffic said in a statement that:

It is evident that Samsung, the market-leader in the TV industry, continuously strives to offer the most advanced technologies that can meet the demands and expectations of its global customers who are increasingly relying on streaming media.

Giraffic says that “706.53 million households in 51 countries watching online TV and video over broadband by 2020, causing Internet bandwidth consumption to soar.” According to a study from Digital TV Research published this fall:

By 2020, 13.4% of the world’s TV households will subscribe to SVOD package, up from only 1.6% in 2010 and an expected 6.1% by end-2014. The proportion in 2020 will vary from 49.6% in the US and 48.5% in Sweden to 2.0% in India and Vietnam. Ten countries will have SVOD penetration in excess of a third of TV households by 2020.

There’ll be 199 million subscription video on demand users. For that to be true, most television manufacturers will have to incorporate AVA technology into them.  Otherwise, Game of Thrones just isn’t the same.