‘Recipe to Riches’ Trivia app gives fans ability to effect show’s outcome

By Adam Flomenbaum 

downloadIn December, we wrote about how Telescope was charged by NBC to power The Voice’s immensely popular #VoiceSave initiative. On Tuesday, CBC-TV announced the launch of the Telescope-produced ‘Recipe to Riches’ Trivia app.

‘Recipe to Riches’ is a Canadian cooking show similar to Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ in many ways. What sets the two shows apart, though, according to judge Gail Simmons, is that ‘Recipe to Riches’ chefs are all amateur, home cooks.

“We’re excited to be able to engage with our audience on a multi-platform level,” said Paul McGrath, executive producer, interactive at CBC. “It’s a great way to build momentum throughout the season and to involve the audience from day one”.

With the introduction of the the trivia app, ‘Recipe to Riches’ viewers will have a chance to earn up to two votes per episode by answering trivia questions. By the end of the show, users of the trivia app will have had the opportunity to collect 8 bonus votes to use to to elect the show’s winner.  Like in ‘Top Chef,’ weekly winners then move on to compete in the series finale.

The Telescope platform powering the ‘Recipe to Riches’ integration is the same one that powers the real-time voting utilized by NBA’s Sprite Slam Dunk, NASCAR’s Sprint Cup series, ‘American Idol’, and, as mentioned, ‘The Voice.’ Vice President of Marketing for NBC Entertainment, Jared Goldsmith, presented #VoiceSave results at the most recent Lost Remote Show, and the week-over-week tweet growth alone demonstrates how powerful Telescope’s technology could be moving forward for networks seeking to authentically engage with a home audience.

For reality competition shows, phone voting may soon be rendered obsolete.