Spredfast launches ‘Spark’ to give social media managers more actionable social TV data

By Natan Edelsburg 

SF-Logo_304-200-01This morning, Spredfast has announced the launch of Spark, a major new social TV tool aimed at giving social TV practitioners a one-stop shop for taking targeted actions with content.  Spredfast and Mass Relevance merged just over a month ago, keeping the Spredfast name. In advance of the big launch, Lost Remote spoke with Spredfast to learn more about the product and what it aims to solve. 

“We really are now a full force, end to end solution,” social TV expert and Spredfast Chief Strategy Officer Jesse Redniss told Lost Remote. “You don’t have to  work with three or four different companies, we can bundle it up into one company,” he described explaining how their company is now a major source of technology for the social TV world and beyond. The tools among many features, make it extremely easy to send content to on-air teams. Here’s a snapshot of the product.

WFM Search Results Eric

Never miss an opportunity with Trending Alerts
-Track topics, in-the-moment trends, brand ambassadors, events, followers and competitors.
-Focus on the most compelling stories by analyzing their social score.
-Receive personalized alerts that liberate you from being tethered to one social screen to ensure you’ll never miss a social moment

Transform Inspiration into Original Content
-Access a central snapshot of your entire social story from one-easy-to-digest dashboard.
-Inform your content strategy by analyzing how your influencers, competitors and followers are engaging across social.
-Explore cross-referenced trending terms to discover unexpected angles to the story.

Engage with relevance
-One to One- activate personal conversation across social channels directly within the Spark platform.
-One to Many- amplify pertinent social moments by launching polls, leaderboards, mosaics and more to fuel social interaction.
-Internal- Kick start internal brainstorming for broader marketing campaigns sharing trending content