#PalinTVShows Trending After Launch of ‘The Sarah Palin Channel’

By Jordan Chariton 

She took the political world by storm during the election of 2008, and Sarah Palin is now looking to dominate the digital media landscape.

The former VP candidate announced the “The Sarah Palin Channel” last night on Facebook.

Palin dubbed the new online network as “a news channel that really is a lot more than news” in a video posted on the channel’s site. “This is a community where we’re going to be able to share ideas and discuss the issues of the day. And we’re going to find solutions.”

The network will be subscription based, with U.S. veterans being the lone group exempted from paying a fee for content. TAPP is a digital network founded by CNN president Jon Klein and former NBCU executive Jeff Gaspin. POLITICO reports “subscribers will be able to write questions to her, participate in group video chats and post their own videos on the website.

And since Palin’s announcement, she’s caused a name-game surge on Twitter via hashtag #PalinTVShows, with users suggesting names for some of the shows on Palin’s network.


Palin’s TAPP channel adds to the burgeoning digital media programming field, particularly among conservative digital channels. Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV and Newsmax TV are other conservative/libertarian digital channels available online to consumers.