New York Times’ Internal Digital Report Reveals Social Media, App Issues

By Jordan Chariton 

NYTOne of the nation’s most influential papers, The New York Times, has been in the headlines over the last 24 hours, after executive editor Jill Abramson was dismissed.

BuzzFeed has obtained a 96-page internal report, that among other things, tells the story of the paper of record struggling to adapt to changing social media, second screen, and digital trends.

The report says the paper has a problem giving up on second screen platforms not working, like their “Scoop” app, which is a guide to New York City’s best restaurants, bars, events, and experiences. In contrast, the report suggests the NYT Now app has been a success.

The report also sheds light on social media issues: the Times’ Twitter account is run by the newsroom, where as the Facebook account is run by the business side.

More broadly, the report suggests the paper lacks “enough urgency’ to make digital a top priority, both in their practices and hires.

Although The New York Times isn’t a TV network, which is predominately what we cover, its impact on all things culture, entertainment, and society can’t be overstated. And on the TV and movie side, just think of how many of your favorite shows have the “newspaper of record” mentioned, or featured in a scene.

Whether it is traditional TV, or one of the world’s most prominent newspapers, it’s now clearer than ever that many old media titans are still figuring out how to adapt in the new digital, second-screen, and social media age.