MTV's VMAs makes giant social TV splash, trumps DNC

By Natan Edelsburg Comment

Should President Obama and Mitt Romney have vied for a spot at the VMAs instead of their conventions? According to Bluefin Labs, the VMAs were the “#2 all-time most social televised events at 12.8M comments (just shy of the Grammy’s at 13M but ahead of the Super Bowl at 12.2M)”. Trendrr concluded the “VMA’s were the most social tentpole event of 2012,” not including political events. Here are the details.

Even in an election year that will determine the status of our economy, MTV’s VMAs have proven they can get social web more excited about the one of the biggest nights in pop culture over the political process. “The VMAs were more social than last night’s DNC broadcast (which only had 2.5 M comments),” according to Bluefin.

Trendrr’s data puts the 2012 VMAs ahead of the Grammys and the Superbowl in terms of total social interactions (on Twitter, Facebook, Get Glue, and Viggle) and shows that the daily activity skyrocketed from 5,567,954 last year to 19,175,032 this year. Women made up 71% of all social interactions, and 53% of the tweets originated from mobile devices. Trendrr also discovered that most social markets around the VMAs were NYC, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami respectively.

Here’s an infographic from Bluefin Labs…