MTV to reveal nominations for ‘Video of the Year’ on Vine and Instagram

By Natan Edelsburg 

Vine continues to make a giant splash within TV. MTV, has announced that tomorrow at 8am ET they will be revealing the nominees for the Video of the Year on Vine. This is a big moment for the Twitter owned platform because it shows that MTV’s audience cares about the platform, which is why MTV does. Here are the details.


Here’s the news from the network:

On Wednesday at 8am ET, MTV is set to break new ground by unveiling the nominations for its top prize, the highly coveted “Video of the Year,” exclusively via MTV’s Instagram and Vine accounts- giving the VMA’s the distinction as the first award show to ever announce nominations via these social media video platforms. Each hour, MTV will post additional Instagram and Vine videos highlighting the nominees for additional categories. To be clear, the general press embargo will lift at8:15am ET). We’ve enlisted artist  Khoa to create the Instagram and Vine videos (he will be creating 8 original pieces). We have a longstanding relationship with Khoa. Below, please find a few links to a few of the things he’s done for us on Vine.

This is all part of MTV’s impressive #RoadToTheVMAs which we learned about at our event in April. So far, “the campaign has garnered more than a quarter of a million likes on Instagram, 16 million impressions on Twitter, 8 million impressions on Facebook and 1 million impressions on Tumblr.” No surprise that MTV is finding new ways to bring the VMAs to the social reality that is tent pole TV. The Vines were designed by this amazing stop motion designer and Viner from San Diego, Khoa Phan.