MTV releases music app for iPhone, enabling fans to discover and connect with artists

By Natan Edelsburg 

mtv-screen-grabLast week, MTV introduced its MTV Artists app exclusively for iPhone. Returning to its roots as a brand that promotes music discovery, MTV’s app is primarily designed to help fans discover new artists, connect with their favorite artists, and to provide a hub for exclusive content directly from the artists and from MTV. Pepsi has teamed up with MTV to be the app’s premiere launch partner, and the app will be the mobile extension of

The main features of the app include:


-Song Identification: A Shazam-like component will allow you to ID songs that are playing.

-Lyrics Search: By typing in a few lyrics to a song, the app will identify the artist and track.

-Artist Search: You can pull up information about bands that people are talking about and the app will also recommend similar artists

Connecting with Artists:

-Retro Archive Footage: The app utilizes MTV’s archives to provide exclusive videos and interviews with current and classic artists.

Exclusive Access to Artists:

– Exclusive Content from Your Favorite Artists and MTV: Between backstage video from MTV events and first listens, MTV will be updating the app daily with exclusive content.

– Seamlessly Follow Artists Social Pages From One Place: The app will provide fans with a social media center to follow each of their favorite artists across Facebook and Twitter.

– Access to buy songs and tickets: If you want to purchase a song you heard or want to see a show in your area, the app seamlessly allows you to buy albums, singles and concert tickets.