MTV enables Instagram voting for Sunday’s 2013 Movie Awards

By Cory Bergman 

Always at the forefront of engaging viewers over Twitter with its live events, MTV is adding a new social network for this Sunday’s 2013 Movie Awards. In advance of the show, fans are voting for the “Best Hero” category over Instagram by tagging their photos with hashtags like #votesnowwhite and #votebilbo.

“Get creative on Instagram,” explains “Dress up as your favorite hero, tag a selfie, etc. Any photo with the hashtag is a vote, but only the best will be displayed here and during the Movie Awards!”

As people post photos, they’re displayed in a real-time grid. Together with Twitter hashtag votes — which also count — the numbers are updated in real-time in a similar visual presentation to MTV’s work over the years tracking Twitter votes and trends.

Now with 1.2 million followers, MTV has been a leader on Instagram, posting behind-the-scenes photos of celebs to the tune of thousands of likes each. It hasn’t been shy about using Instagram for promotional purposes, and it’s been publishing photos plugging Sunday’s show:

As celebs walk the red carpet this weekend, MTV will have a “Insta-razzi” photographer snapping pics and uploading them to Instagram.

It’s been a year since Facebook acquired Instagram, and the mobile social network has quadrupled its following to more than 100 million monthly active users. That makes it a heavy-hitter in the social TV space, and we’re sure to see more TV-Instagram integrations in the months to come.