Media Take Note: You Can Create Twitter Moments

By Steve Safran Comment

Twitter Moments are those pages where Twitter has aggregated stories that are trending or are of particular interest. Until now, Twitter has done all the work. Now, they are rolling out the ability for users to create their own Twitter Moments. It’s something newsrooms should especially be interested in using. Watch their video:

The idea here is that you become the aggregator. So in a big, breaking situation you can pull together all your tweets into a Twitter Moment. Then you can drive people to that page, which you can constantly update. It’s a smart strategy by Twitter. It’s also a great idea for news and entertainment to try. You don’t have to be in the media— if you’re on a roll with a tweetstorm or at an event, make a Moment.

We’d like to show you an example we created but, alas, our account has not been enabled to create Twitter Moments. Keep an eye out for it. It looks like it’s worth testing. Here is the Twitter how-to guide for creating Twitter Moments.