Mass Relevance puts social media in motion with new ‘Dynamic Mosaic’ product

By Cory Bergman 

Austin-based Mass Relevance has been enjoying another SXSW, and the company released a new product to coincide with the annual gathering. Called “Dynamic Mosaic,” it enables clients to plug in content from Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Twitter and Google+ to create a real-time display. While social content swirls in the background, you can choose to highlight your favorite photos and posts in the foreground.

The product also includes Vine integration, automatically playing the six-second video clips when the item is highlighted.

Tonight (Tuesday) at SXSW, Mass Relevance will debut the product at the IMAX-sponsored Film Intermission Party (The Stage on Sixth from 10 pm to 2 am.) Sponsored by IMAX, the display — live here — pulls in conversations and photos surrounding the party.

“We are very excited to partner with Mass Relevance to debut an entirely new kind of visualization and experience,” said Ann Sommerlath, IMAX’s VP of Corporate Communications. “We believe this experience is a great way to capture real-time conversations occurring at the conference while also engaging fans worldwide.”

The product extends Mass Relevance’s efforts to provide a platform for brands to showcase the best conversations around their products, services and events.

“The world of social curation and re-display is still very much a new frontier,” said Sam Decker, founder and CEO of Mass Relevance. “Social integration is typically approached in two ways: highlighting the individual pieces of content itself or alternately showing how aggregate conversations are trending. The Dynamic Mosaic represents something wholly different for interactive brands: a way to dynamically showcase relevant content and also underscore the speed and quantity of social buzz around real-time experiences. The result is an interactive story composed of media generated by consumer participation that makes for the best brand storytelling there is.”