Lostremotenado: Syfy President Dave Howe to keynote Lost Remote’s LA Show

By Natan Edelsburg 

It’s official. We’re excited to announce the Syfy President Dave Howe will be keynoting Lost Remote’s LA Show taking place on December 13th. Syfy recently had the social TV hit of the summer (and maybe the year) with it’s shark meets tornado made for TV movie, #Sharknado. Howe is no stranger to digital and social TV. Among many accomplishments, four years ago he launched a new global brand identity by evolving SCI FI Channel to Syfy, prepping the brand for the social TV revolution.

Similar to our successful show in NYC, I will be leading a fireside chat with Howe as a main part of the day. Howe was named President, Syfy in January 2008. Howe oversees Original Development, Programming and Marketing, Global Brand Strategy and Market Development, Strategic Planning, Syfy Digital, Syfy Ventures, Media Relations and Syfy’s public affairs initiative, Visions for Tomorrow.

Howe also spearheaded a major overhaul of Syfy’s brand strategy, focused on redefining the genre and making it more relatable and accessible to a broader audience and new generation of viewers. This lead the way for record-breaking hit drama series, “Eureka,” and hit reality series, “Ghost Hunters,” which have attracted record numbers of new, female and younger viewers to the channel.

Howe has been instrumental in shaping Syfy’s pioneering digital strategy, ensuring Syfy remains at the forefront of digital growth and innovation. Howe orchestrated the launch of a successful portfolio of Syfy.com standalone sites, including technology blog DVICE, gaming site Fidgit and SCI FI Wire, the on-line destination for the entire science fiction genre’s entertainment news.

We’re extremely excited to have Howe present as it’s been an extremely important and successful year for his network. He’s overseen TV’s biggest transmedia effort in addition to the social TV hit Sharknado taking over summer TV and even helping the brand connect with advertisers on social. Stay tuned for more announcements.