Lil Wayne and Jim Gaffigan Top iSpot’s Weekly Rankings

By Karen Fratti Comment

Each week, brings Lost Remote their rankings of the top ads according to digital share of voice, tracking online views and social actions connected to each ad. Here’s the top ten for this week. 

Two fresh ads top the most engaging ads of the week, and they’re both celebrity-driven—as well as super funny. Lil Wayne stars in a spot promoting the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is waterproof (and champagne-proof!), while Jim Gaffigan, the new KFC Colonel, gets the message about just how replaceable he is.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Champagne Calls: Lil Wayne

1.88% Digital SOV  2,010,614 Online Views  44,121 Social Actions

2. Strike

0.87% Digital SOV  2,237,025 Online Views  9,595 Social Actions

3. Siri

0.85% Digital SOV  11,811 Online Views  27,351 Social Actions

4. Puppymonkeybaby

0.57% Digital SOV  498,956 Online Views  14,103 Social Actions

5. Candyman

0.56% Digital SOV  1,562,179 Online Views  4,890 Social Actions

6. BOGO: Hang Out

0.46% Digital SOV  1,735 Online Views  14,918 Social Actions

7. Tarzan Fights Over Directions: It’s What You Do

0.39% Digital SOV  826,214 Online Views  5,669 Social Actions

8. 1 for Everyone Sales Event: Posse: 2016 RAV4

0.34% Digital SOV  116 Online Views  10,806 Social Actions

9. The Portrait

0.28% Digital SOV  949,344 Online Views  1,372 Social Actions

10. Small-Business Expert

0.22% Digital SOV  275 Online Views  7,002 Social Actions

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