iSpot: State Farm Rebrands With Top Ad

By Karen Fratti 

Each week, brings Lost Remote their rankings of the top ads according to digital share of voice, tracking online views and social actions connected to each ad. Here’s the top ten for this week.

State Farm is a newcomer with week with the No. 1 ad that everyone needs to see. Xbox, Amazon, and Mazda also round out the top spots.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Wrong/Right

3.98% Digital SOV  2,337,747 Online Views  17,500 Social Actions

2. Consider the Facts

1.15% Digital SOV  1,036,572 Online Views  236 Social Actions

3. Lion

0.90% Digital SOV  78,424 Online Views  9,987 Social Actions

4. Driving Matters: Crafted

0.55% Digital SOV  284,961 Online Views  2,852 Social Actions

5. Mobile Strike: Command Center

0.45% Digital SOV  313,966 Online Views  1,356 Social Actions

6. Pure Power

0.36% Digital SOV  37,804 Online Views  2,841 Social Actions

7. Delicious Deals

0.36% Digital SOV  610 Online Views  4,412 Social Actions

8. Alligator Arms: It’s What You Do

0.36% Digital SOV  112,214 Online Views  2,896 Social Actions

9. Bumper Car

0.36% Digital SOV  90,740 Online Views  3,067 Social Actions

10. Mars

0.34% Digital SOV  91,497 Online Views  2,906 Social Actions

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