How Tie The Knot is using social TV for social equality

By Natan Edelsburg 

There’s nothing better then watching social media savvy TV actors leverage their influence for social good. Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson hosted a Spring 2013 Launch Party last week for his organization using stylish bow ties, “to achieve marriage equality throughout the United States and to look damn good while doing it.” Here are highlights from the party in addition to an inside look on how the organization has been leveraging the social web. 

Along with fiance Justin Mikita who’s the cofounder and executive director of The The Knot, Tyler Ferguson has created an organization who’s core mission is to use bow ties to raise “awareness and advocating for the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian Americans through art, fashion, and entertainment.” Last week they achieved just that. We spoke with Tyler Ferguson about his mission. “Social media for this very reason is so great,” he told Lost Remote speaking about how Tie The Knot has been able to use Pinterest, YouTube and more to take something fun and stylish like tying a bow tie and use it to highlight the fact that there are still tough battles to be won for marriage equality.

When we asked how he plans to grow the organization he responded that, “I’d love to be put of of business,” as soon as possible when their battle is one. Until then, “we will release a collection of neckwear seasonally thru The Tie Bar (, inspired by our favorite art, fashion, things we see on the street, and things in our living room. Each bowtie will be produced in limited quantity to inspire and promote uniqueness & individuality and that “all proceeds from the sale of the bowties will go to various organizations that are in the trenches fighting for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans every single day,” according to their mission.

Arrested Development’s David Cross, was among the stars who stopped by to show their support. Not surprisingly, Cross was at his best when answering questions. When we asked how he felt about the cause he said, “I’ve always been concerned with the ways Israel treats Palestine,” answering in true Tobias Fünke hilarity. When we asked what projects we should check out he responded that, “I’m currently working on the 2016 GQ comedy issue.”

We’re looking forward to watching this organization grow and hopefully be put out of business with its successful use of stylish bow ties and social media.