How’s creating social TV advertising

By Natan Edelsburg 

Back in November, Never.No launched a social TV ad platform to reach multiple screens. Now they’re proving that what they’ve created can work. “We’re creating social TV advertising – it’s that simple and that powerful,” the company told Lost Remote. We spoke with Never.No’s VP of the EMEA region Scott Davies about their ad with Intel and more.


In December, produced “an Intel sponsored realtime Christmas greetings sequence of TV spots promoting the new Ultrabook™ convertible –  ‘a laptop when you need it, a tablet when you want it.'” Davies described that, “as far as I know, the Intel ad was the first advert in the UK to invite people to interact in the attraction of being part of the following advert – this is a big deal on a few levels.” He further described the innovation:

  • Aim of adverts is to get the audience to look and visually engage with the advert. Audience is now paying attention as they want to ‘take part’ and wait to watch the follow-up advert to see if they’ve been featured. This is the core ‘end game’ for advertisers – now there’s a reason to watch the ad!
  • Technically, to see an advert go to air and ask the audience to use social to interact is huge, the audience is now making the advert social. E.g. If I’m on the ad, I may pause, record and then share. Even tweet, FB the content to show friends.
  • The ad showed all messages online, so there’s a reason to go online and share your Christmas message with a loved one. The audience is now advertising for you!
  • There’s future potential of ‘Tail’ communication, ie. Intel could continue conversation re the product with all who interacted – news/info/vouchers. This wasn’t something done, but could work with agencies to facilitate.
  • Create a new ad-buy category – interactive or social sync – where a broadcast ad salesman, can say, thanks to 3 formats we created with, I project 10% increase in next year’s ad budget. This is the end game and what gets everyone’s attention. It’s proven with a major brand/broadcaster in UK. We’ll be doing much more of it.