How GetGlue buzz is greater than Twitter buzz for scripted primetime

By Natan Edelsburg 

GetGlue’s evolution and growth continues to impress. The social TV company, which recently launched “GetGlue HD” for iPad has put together some very interesting data on comparing their primetime, scripted TV conversations and buzz to Twitter’s. At the end of their analysis they conclude that “the data is clear: for primetime scripted TV, more fans choose GetGlue.” Here’s what they found.

GetGlue’s findings more than anything prove how different live TV is from scripted TV. For the platform itself, it proves their success at getting their network partners to encourage check-ins way before the show even premiers (most recently for American Horror Story: Asylum). These numbers are also going to give GetGlue a chance to continue to ramp up their biz dev efforts.

The full report by GetGlue, which can be found here slices scripted programming across social in many ways. One interesting chart is for June-August 2012 scripted shows on cable. Cable TV has been  shining more and more over the past decade and that success is now translating into GetGlue’s conversation platform.

GetGlue and Twitter are of course very complimentary. It’s important for GetGlue to have users tweet their check-ins and comments on Twitter to get more users. At the same time, GetGlue’s become the place to chat about TV without annoying your followers who don’t care (or don’t want to be spoiled). This also forces the question – who might be GetGlue’s most likely buyer, if they wanted to sell? Twitter? Nielsen? GetGlue’s growth and evolution is going to be a big part of social TV for the next year, in a world of heated second screen competition.