How Did Wallenda’s Skyscraper Stunt Compare to His Grand Canyon Walk on Twitter?

By Adam Flomenbaum 

8e4c57215af94c2908321849605f337eNik Wallenda was the talk of Twitter Sunday night – but how did his Chicago walk fare compare to his walk across the Grand Canyon last summer?

According to our analytics partner Canvs, which measures Twitter sentiment, 41,467 out of the 153,086 tweets about ‘Skyscraper Live’ – which has its own microsite – were emotional reactions. 27% of the emotional reactions included the word “love” and 24% included “crazy.”

The top moment of the walk came between 8:40 and 8:45, when Wallenda began his blindfolded tightrope walk between Chicago skyscraper. Below, some more insights from Canvs on the differences between Wallenda’s two walks, followed by an infographic:

It seems that Wallenda’s tightrope act may be losing its novelty. Then again, “Skywire” was on in the notoriously dead early summer TV season while “Skyscraper” was on against an anticipated NFL game and the first part of The Walking Dead. 

– The June 23rd “Skywire Live” special garnered 6.5x more reactions than this Sunday’s installment.

– People were more “nervous” for Wallenda’s canyon walk than they were for “Skyscraper.” Overall, 9% of “Skyscraper” reactions expressed “nervous” feelings while 12% of “Skywire” reactions were “nervous.”

– Though Wallenda’s Twitter audience was smaller, he may have found a more receptive audience with the Chicago walk: 28% of “Skyscraper” reactions expressed “love” while only 23% expressed “love” for “Skywire.”