How Canvs Aims to Go Beyond Raw Data to Reveal Social Users’ Emotions

By Jordan Chariton 

CanvsMashwork, a social insight firm, aims to tap into what’s behind social users’ emotions by launching its new platform, “Canvs.”

The company’s recently announced social-TV product looks beyond “volumetric buzz” measurements to reveal the emotions behind social conversation; an expansion from measuring how many people are talking on social to the sentiments behind the conversation.

“The social TV industry is maturing…networks and marketers are now starting to ask harder questions,” Mashwork CEO and founder Jared Feldman tells Lost Remote.

“They’re no longer content just to know how much volume—they want context. It’s one thing to be able to tell that Twitter volume spiked during a key sequence in your show, but it’s another thing entirely to be able to tell that women loved the moment, men hated it, and people who make more than $75k a year found it boring. Those are the kind of insights Canvs provides.”

Canvs’ technology claims to gives marketers a breakdown of what content has audiences reacting at a certain point in time– for example a plot development during a popular TV show.

The company processes all tweets about a TV show, movie, or big media event, and organizes the comments into emotional categories. Users can see this in real-time to verify how tweets, hashtags, and @ mentions are being categorized. The product also offers demographic information about the “emotionally engaged.”

Canvs has been in a test phase for several years, as it poked and prodded with its formula. Its CEO says the idea came while he was in college, and saw a void in the social analytics market; one that features many tools that provide raw, complicated data, but none that provided insight and context behind social chatter.