How Bravo’s ‘The Singles Project’ Integrates Fan Participation in a Week’s Time

By Adam Flomenbaum 

rsz_dish-070114-singles-project-kerry (1)A few weeks back we wrote about Bravo’s new ‘real-time dating docu-series,’ ‘The Singles Project.’ Cast members are trying to meet people in New York. The social TV angle is that fans have a say in anything from what the cast members will wear on their next date to who they will date.

The most recent episode was the sixth most social cable reality program in primetime with 4,340 tweetsEpisode three also resulted in  an increase in Twitter followers, up 33 percent from the previous week’s episode.

The production schedule is hectic, to say the least. Each show is filmed and edited in a week’s time and must take into account fan engagement on social and on the show’s home.

“A real-time production schedule is insanely demanding,” Rachel Smith, Vice President, Current Production for Bravo Media and EIC, ‘The Singles Project’ tells Lost Remote. “From shoot to edit to air, we are accomplishing in one week what we usually take six to eight weeks to achieve on a regular schedule.  This fast turnaround requires everyone in the field and in the editing room to be at the absolute top of their game.  It’s a constant loop of communication between all parties and around the clock hours.  The digital and social elements of this show continue seven days a week and constantly effect how scenarios play out on the show. We have dedicated digital producers who are monitoring the social interaction and giving feedback to the cast and crew in real time.  It’s a great, intensive ride though it’s a schedule not very conducive to summer vacationing.

We have seen a number of real-time participation TV initiatives from singing competitions to sports events, but is perhaps even more compelling to see its effects the following week in a reality show. For more on the intersection of social media, dating, and fan participation, we spoke with cast member Kerry Cassidy, who is “[l]ooking for a man who “gets” it and wants to join her ever-evolving adventure.”

Lost Remote:  Were you using social media before the show began to try to meet people?

Kerry Cassidy: Prior to coming on “The Singles Project,” I had been introduced to several potential dates through Facebook. These were always friends of friends and never complete strangers.

LR: What’s the best pickup line you’ve received through a dating app or tweet?

Cassidy: I think you’re a bit misunderstood; I get you. Do you want to go out sometime? — I love how complete strangers can both misunderstand and have me completely figured out. 😉

LR: Based on the tweets you’ve been receiving since the show began, do you think that fans truly have your best interests in mind in helping you select people to date?

Cassidy: There has been a lot of feedback from viewers since starting the show. I think people are rooting for us and have our best interests in mind. We pay attention to the comments/advice that are/is thoughtful and it will affect how we proceed.