Here’s what people were tweeting about TV in 2012

By Alex Weprin 

Earlier we showed you Facebook’s 2012 year in review, now our attention turns to that other social network, Twitter. The company compiled many of the biggest events that sparked conversations on the platform, including TV programs, as well as trending topics related to TV. As with Facebook’s list, there were a handful of surprises.

Among the most tweeted about events of 2012 were the Summer Olympics in London. Twitter partnered with NBC during the games, and while it ensured that the games were at the top of everyone’s feeds, it was not all positive. Other events included the 2012 Presidential election (and the TV coverage of the election) as well as the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. The Super Bowl made the cut (it aired on NBC), as did that other form of football, Euro 2012.

Among the trending topics this year: Fox’s “Family Guy” and “American Dad” made the top five, as did CBS’ “Big Brother,” Fox’s “American Idol” and… “Hey Arnold,” a cartoon that ran on Nickelodeon, but ended in 2004.

Indeed, Twitter notes that while plenty of people talk about shows happening now, “TV nostalgia is popular too, as fans reminisce about shows from the past.” “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “Boy Meets World” also trended this year.

Just like Facebook’s list of buzzed about TV shows, there really wasn’t a correlation between what people talked about on the site and what people watched on TV, though just about all of the shows that trended skewed towards the young, hip audience Twitter attracts as power users.

You can check out Twitter’s 2012 year in review here.