Grace Helbig is Coming to E! and LostRemote is Trying to Stifle Her Creativity

By Adam Flomenbaum 

Making the transition from YouTube star to E! star isn’t easy, so Grace Helbig – host of the new hybrid talk show ‘The Grace Helbig Show’ – has been preparing by soliciting hosting advice from Chris Hardwick, Andy Cohen, and Larry King.

But the time has come, and Helbig will bring her irreverent and unconventional brand of comedy (and over two million subscribes to her ‘It’s Grace’ YouTube channel) to E! starting tomorrow night. Guests on the premiere episode include Aisha Tyler, Mamrie Hart and DJ Flula.

Ahead of tomorrow night’s premiere, we asked Helbig about her fans, her new show, and what social platform she’s excited about most right now:

Lost Remote: As someone who has built a loyal fan base on social up to this point, how do you plan to continue engaging with them while attracting new viewers to your show?

Grace Helbig: I plan on continuing to ask the audience questions via social media to keep them engaged and part of the show-making process. I really want the show to feel similar in tone to my web videos so the existing audience feels at home, but different enough to attract a new audience. Also I’ll probably crowd source PAs from Tinder.

LR: What are some of the same characteristics the show will share with “ITSGRACE”? How will it differ?

Helbig: I want the tone to stay fun, silly, dumb and sweet.

LR: You’ll be featuring celebrity interviews in different locations. What’s wrong with the classic on-set interview?

Helbig: Absolutely nothing. What’s wrong with experimenting a little? STOP TRYING TO STIFLE MY CREATIVITY, ADWEEK.

LR: What type of social elements will you be incorporating into your show? What platform outside of YouTube and the main social networks are you excited about right now?

Helbig: All the kids are freaking out about Snapchat, so I’m hoping to trick them into thinking I know how to use it too.