Google Wants to Help You Avoid Spoilers

By Karen Fratti Comment

googlespoilerblockerGoogle already knows everything about us. What if it knew how far into “Better Call Saul” you were when you opened up Twitter on a Tuesday morning? It’s not impossible. Quartz reported that Google might be working on a way to save us from spoilers in our social feeds. This is still far away, and some Google tests never end up being real products, so don’t get too excited yet. From Quartz:

Asked whether the company really intended to create this product, a Google representative told Quartz that some ideas “mature into real products or services, some don’t.”

Of course, it would mean giving Google access to every streaming service you use. And what if you watch “Grey’s Anatomy” on Thursdays like you’re supposed to? Would Twitter and Facebook let you sync up a Google spoil blocker? Would it be as buggy as other Chrome extensions? Scott Beggs over at Film School Rejects gets into some of the issues programmers would face:

At least the challenges to the developers are real. For example, if I’m having a lengthy conversation with several people on Twitter, and one of them makes a reference to Jon Snow being Luke’s father, will a vague warning pop up? Will it explain that it’s for “Game of Thrones” or leave me wondering what’s being spoiled? How will it know that I care about “Game of Thrones?” Will my entire feed be a giant blur covered in spoiler warnings?

Exactly. It almost sounds too complicated to be true. But so is navigating Twitter on Monday mornings. Google, please, deliver us from our thoughtless friends and “Girls” think-pieces until we’re ready for them.