GetGlue ramps up biz dev efforts with hire from Rovi

By Natan Edelsburg Comment

GetGlue is the latest social TV company to grab a top exec from an established company. Today the company has announced that Sean Besser, a former Rovi executive, will join the NYC based team to “to run business development, partnerships and strategy” for the growing platform. GetGlue recently launched their HD platform and with competition on the rise they’re now growing their business team.

Besser who is based in LA was the VP of Business Development for Rovi. His new title is EVP of Business Development, Partnerships & Strategy at GetGlue. He also seems to be a heavy GetGlue user, having created his account more than two years ago.

“My main goal is to establish GetGlue as the ‘go to’ destination for users to discover, engage with and enjoy media,” Besser told Lost Remote. “Check-ins will remain a key feature and we are going to focus on making GetGlue’s check-in functionality ubiquitously available throughout the entertainment ecosystem, including enabling a broad set of partners to embed it within their experiences,” he added.

He also described how the platform will grow way beyond the check-in. “However, before users can check-in, they need to discover what to watch and after they check-in they need better tools to interact with the content – these are the new areas I will be focusing on for GetGlue as we aim to be the best at helping users filter through the universe of content that is available to them to find the content that is most appealing to them and give them tools to learn more about it, talk about it with friends and other fans, and of course, watch it,” he described.

We also asked him about GetGlue’s plans to make money. “We are working on a few revenue models, but there is nothing imminent for us to discuss right now,” he told Lost Remote. “Of course we need to make money and we are working on that aspect of the business, but I believe we must stay laser focused on creating the most amazing user experience and that if we are successful doing that, we will be able to build in complementary business opportunities around that.”