GetGlue HD is now live in the app store

By Natan Edelsburg Comment

GetGlue HD, the anticipated new iteration of GetGlue, has officially launched for the iPad. We recently interviewed CEO and Founder Alex Iskold who described the major changes that would take their 500 million data points to rethink TV discovery. Now the ultimate test has come, will people us it? Will they continue to scale their 3 million users and be the social TV startup to watch?

On Tuesday night, GetGlue held a rooftop party at The Standard in Manhattan’s East Village to get everyone excited about the new launch. Executives from USA Network, A&E, Nickelodeon, BET, Showtime and more watched as Iskold told the room that they have the answer to how you’re going to discover TV in a social world.

“The new GetGlue guide is not a grid; it is a personalized calendar for what to watch,” states their launch announcement. On postcards and in his presentation, Iskold kept referring to the fact that the TV grid hasn’t changed at all since that 50s — and that it’s time. They’re now going to be implementing Tribune Media Services (TMS) data into the app, so when you search for a show it will also tell you what channel it’s on. Also, when you go to a show’s page there will be more content then ever about the show (videos, promos, news and more).

GetGlue HD is available immediately on the iPad and will come out on the iPhone, Android, mobile site, and later in the fall.

Buzz is still heating up for Zeebox’s long-awaited U.S. launch. Zeebox has proven traction in the UK, while GetGlue has partnerships with 75 networks. Both companies are striving for the same goal, but taking different approaches.

Stay tuned for an exciting fall TV season, where partnerships, user acquisition and retention, and the “cool” factor will be at the forefront of the second screen experience.