Fox’s ’24’ reboot attracts young audience even after long hiatus

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.52.09 AMLost Remote is excited to announce a new partnership with an exciting social TV platform that has recently launched. Canvs (Mashwork’s new insights into the world of social TV) will be providing weekly insights into specific television shows. For this week’s deep dive, we take a look at Fox’s “24: Live Another Day,” the highly anticipated reboot of the action-packed Kiefer Sutherland tries-to-save-the-world drama. The first two episodes, which aired a week ago, caused a lot of social buzz and Canvs has helped reveal that they’re even attracting younger audiences even though the show hasn’t been on for four years and the first episode ever of 24 premiered in 2001. Here are the details.

For those who don’t know, here’s an explanation of Canvs:

Canvs is the first social entertainment insights platform that immediately tells you how audiences reacted to your content at scale. The platform, provides solutions for marketing, ad sales, and production by empowering decisions based on qualitative insights. Created by New York-based Mashwork, an insights company obsessed with technology, Canvs represents the next generation in Social TV analytics.

As mentioned, Canvs focuses on the emotional reactions and they recorded over 35,000 during the premiere. Here are some top insights from Mashwork followed by the infographic that displays the entire overview. We’re extremely excited about this type of social TV data because it isn’t just discussing volume, instead it’s giving a peek into emotions and context of what was most interesting to engaged fans throughout the episode. It’s also interesting to see out of this audience who they follow and where their brand affinities are.

Insights from Mashwork:

-24 seems to have attracted a new batch of viewers, at least on Twitter. 80% of those who reacted were under 30.
-People really missed the intro with the ticking clock! The biggest spike in reactions occurred when the intro started. 
-This isn’t in the graphic, but two of the other highest emotional peaks were about Chloe. People really liked her new “dark” look. They also loved the line where Jack asked her where she got the car and she said she stole it.