Forwerd Media’s Alert Me TV seeks to be the leader of TV show discovery and mobile alerts

By Natan Edelsburg 

unnamedJust released on iPhone and Android, Forwerd Media’s Alert Me TV is attempting to be the best TV show discovery and mobile alerts app.  To ease the process of enabling users to discover new shows and keep track of their favorite ones, one simply has to click the “add” button, and the app sends a push alert on the day a new episode comes out.
Whereas other similar apps ask users for information about cable providers, location, or force them to connect with Facebook, Alert Me TV forgoes these added steps, wanting only to make the experience as easy, fun, and immersive for TV fans.

screen568x568Three scenarios that Alert Me TV takes care of for you:

Your friends keep telling you to watch Scandal and The Walking Dead, but you don’t know what channel or times they’re on.

Alert Me TV tracks hottest shows on its Hot List, from which you can create alerts easily. You can also browse the 500+ current shows the app covers

You just want to browse the new shows on this week to get a sense of what to set on my DVR.

Alert Me TV’s New List is updated weekly and keeps you informed about the latest shows.

When is Downton Abbey coming back on the air in the U.S.?

All as user has to do is add the show by clicking the “add” icon and the app will alert you when the show returns.