Fall TV predictions: these shows will succeed

By Natan Edelsburg 

download (1)Fall TV is finally upon us with many shows having already kicked off. Next week the major broadcasters start releasing their pilots across linear and we will quickly know which ones will leave to see another day. We interviewed Kirsten Atkinson, Media Director at Team One about which shows she thinks will succeed. As the Media Director at Team One, Kirsten leads national broadcast, FEP digital extensions and OOH business for Lexus. New media is one of her specialties, as she’s led numerous campaigns within the social TV, gaming, iTV, branded entertainment and digital OOH spaces. Most recently, she’s executed programs such as NBCU Shazam and Suits Recruits social TV campaigns, first-to-market ABC mobile and iPad launch partnerships, award-winning 3-D mapping projection and a MSN/Xbox original content series.

Kirsten Team One5440Based on her experience at the upfronts, Kirsten believes that those shows that have a multi-screen space will be most successful this fall. Co-viewing behavior is exploding and the industry will start seeing more advertisers market apps that coincide. People are watching TV for roughly 30 hours per week, so connecting to that audience online or digitally while they’re engaging with the television is probably one of the smartest moves that’s happened in television. That said, Kirsten believes that the shows that are successful at connecting to the audience in different ways and across channels will be most successful this year. Here are her predictions:

  • NBC “The Blacklist” – This show is sure to be a success given the lead and star power of James Spader and unique high drama premise (an FBI most wanted fugitive who’s mysteriously surrendered to officials to help catch a highly sought after terrorist). The Monday at 10p time slot, after the Voice, will be a high profile lead-in.

  • CBS “Hostages” – Another highly anticipated and theater quality drama, “Hostages” will keep viewers captive and highly engaged. With the muscle of executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer and star power of Emmy Award winner Toni Collette, this program is centered around a surgeon who’s family is taken hostage and ordered to assassinate the President. A fresh premise, with a chilling story line, will have viewers anticipating and chatting about each week’s episode.

  • ABC “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”- ABC’s partnership with Marvel’s The Avengers, is the biggest studio collaboration this Upfront. Having debuted this series at Comic Con where it was well received, viewers are anxiously awaiting the premiere and the existing fan base will help drive high viewership and social engagement.

  • ABC “Betrayal” – With the intensity of “Revenge” and the drama of “Desparate Housewives,” this new soapy mystery will appeal to both female and male audiences. Its Sunday night franchise positioning will guarantee a solid launch, and connect with a built in audience.

  • ABC “The Goldbergs”- Arguably the best comedy this Upfront, “The Goldbergs” is a fresh new comedy that will give viewers a flashback to the awkward days of the 80s. This semi-autobiographical tale, produced by Adam Sandler, will be a hit particularly among families who were either parenting or being parented during this time. It’s a very relevant and relatable premise for the Adult 25+ audience.