Exclusive: Shazam launches partnership with WWE, reveals TV music data

By Natan Edelsburg Comment

Shazam continues to launch major partnerships with TV, this time with WWE. On July 23rd users will be able unlock exclusive content in honor of RAW’s 1000th episode. Lost Remote has learned exclusively about the details of the partnership in addition to never before released data on what music is being Shazamed during TV.WWE and Shazam have both been busy becoming a big part of USA’s upfront and announcing a major partnership around the Olympics respectively. The details of the new partnership include.

  • Exclusive video of WWE Superstars, including John Cena®, Sheamus®, Big Show®, Brodus Clay®, Zack Ryder®, Chris Jericho®, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio®, and Divas Kelly Kelly and Eve
  • Links to purchase the Superstars’ entrance theme songs
  • Easy access to purchase WWE gear
  • A link to purchase WWE tickets

While Shazam for TV has continued to grow, Shazam’s music footprint still has a big affect on social TV. It’s no surprise that many times users take out Shazam to uncover a song they’re listening to on TV. Even for a recent WWE episode there were over 1,000 tags, without any call-to-actions on TV. The most popular songs were: “Voices,” “Break the Walls Down,” “Radio” and “I Came to Play,” which are the entrance anthems for: Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Zach Ryder and The Miz, respectively.

Additionally Shazam has shared with Lost Remote some of the most Shazamed songs during TV from June.

  • British dubstep band, Nero, gained 100K tags since 7 June 2012 when the record was first used in the new ad campaign for HP dm 4 Laptop.
  • Keeping with British acts Alex Clare’s ‘Too Close’ gained 312K tags this month thanks to the record’s inclusion in Internet Explorer ads. Some of these tags have been driven by radio, but generally we’ve seen that big spikes in traffic for ‘Too Close’ coincide with TV play. So far ‘Too Close’ has been tagged over 2 million times worldwide!
  • Lumineers ‘Ho Hey’ scored 91K tags this month thanks to the inclusion of ‘Ho Hey’ in the new Bing commercial.
  • Dire Straits ‘Walk Of Life’ gained 31K tags thanks to its use in a Burger King ad.
  • TV shows also drove huge engagement this month. Suits (Caught A Ghost ‘Time Go’ was used and scored 12K tags) and Pretty Little Liars (The Strange Familiar ‘Unwanted’ 4K tags) both scored highly.
  • The Middle East ‘Blood’ saw a huge rise in tags when HBO broadcast the film Crazy Stupid Love which uses the track. ‘Blood’ scored 29K tracks in June.

The company described that “many of the bands that are gaining success from synchs are not the kind of bands that would gain support on commercial radio, as 8 -10 % of tags on Shazam convert to sales, it’s clear that TV plus Shazam can open up huge sales potential for indie / alt bands.”